Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to Get the Look: Populaire

I was on a tube in London when I first saw the poster for this film, captioned:
 "Mad Men Meets the Artist".

Now that's my kind of film.

Perfectly filmed in a 1950s retro chic style by French director Regis Roinsard, Populaire captures the essence of the old Hollywood movie whilst maintaining its position as a piece of French culture. The story is relatively simple, boy meets girl (who is obsessed with a typewriter) he then discovers that she can type at such a speed that he may be able to present her as a competitor at the World Typing Championships.

Obviously the most important part for any vintage fashionista is, do they get the costumes right?


Deborah Francois as Rose Pamphyle
Deborah Francois oozes vintage charm in an Audrey Hepburn style, combining delicately patterned 1950s dresses with demure court shoes and of course a matching bag. I LOVE this dress from the stills, a similar one can be found here:

Or for the gorgeous floral print, as seen in the earlier scenes of the trailer, try this one:

Or this one inspired by the typing scene:

You can check for screenings at: 

I'm looking to see Populaire! Will be reviewing the film so keep a look out!


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