Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vintage Bargains in the Sales!

I've never really been interested in the sales, to me they've always been an excuse to spend more money on things that I don't really need when I've already received presents for Christmas.
However on Boxing Day this year I was persuaded to visit the sales at my local shopping centre. First port of call was Marks and Spencer where I immediately purchased a fantastic 60s style coat, very chic, with a matching bag that I'd been eager to get before Christmas. A quick tour of the other shops concluded with the purchase of a gorgeous coral bow blouse with short sleeves from Dorothy Perkins. It seemed to be the only item worth the title of Retro or Vintage. 

My second outing involved a visit to a shopping centre far from home where I bought the very last Henry Holland domed bag left in the UK.


 It really is a lovely bag, and looks much more expensive than it is. My purse strings also detached in House of Fraser to purchase a gorgeous 50s style clasp bag from mid range Therapy. 

Then I saw them, a pair of shoes unlike any other, just waiting on the Sale rack. As a size 2, it’s really hard to get shoes that fit properly, and after several disappointments I was about to give up on finding anything.
Photo: My gorgeous BIBA shoes!
The shoes are beautiful, a rich burgundy velvet with 70s wedge heels and gold buttons. Admittedly a Size 3, but small enough.  I looked inside at the price tag, decided they were an absolute bargain I simply had to have, and then peeled back the stickers, nearly dropping them.
BIBA shoes! Price tag: check. Quality of shoes: check. BIBA: Double check. They were presented in a lovely BIBA box with a bag, and for those who are interested, the discount was: £120 to £59.
Definitely a winning sale item!

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