Sunday, 30 September 2012

John Lewis' 'Goodnight Sweetheart' Inspired Advert

So Downton Abbey is back! Yay! It's the Roaring Twenties, bringing with it a tidal wave of nostalgia-led advertising, including the amazing and enchanting John Lewis ad!

This lovely advert tells the story of a boy and a girl separated by time, the girl in the 1920s and the boy in modern day. I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this advert, from its catchy Paloma Faith soundtrack 'Never Tear Us Apart' to the beauty of the photography, and ESPECIALLY the vintage clothes, which I would guess are all authentic. It also captures the essence of the lesser known drama series Goodnight Sweetheart, which is definitely a must see for anyone who loves time-travel, vintage or just great TV!

 However I digress. Pursuing the line of clothing used in this advert I did do some research and the only item I can actually find is the cute cloche hat worn at the beginning:

 Alice Isaaz tries on a gorgeous 20s hat which I think is this one?

Can someone confirm?

Also, there's a pair of incredible Mary Janes at the beginning, vintage versions of John Lewis' Bertie Shoes:  

As seen here:

Or if you prefer a cheaper alternative to these, try New Look for these, a bargain at £45!

 There are so many 1920s inspired items out on the High Street at the moment and with Downton Abbey's return and The Great Gatsby release in November, it's sure to continue. With this in mind, to capture the style of the 1920s in the John Lewis advert, here are my picks:

 I love Alice Isaaz's cute cotton coat, and this one is the closest:

 I like these coats as they look very authentic for the era without looking like cheap costumes. The little buttons only add to the kitsch quirkiness, and the colour is perfect for anyone to wear!

To get the sweet feminine look of a true 20s girl, combine neat pastels and lace collars with dainty jewellery. The day look of the 1920s was generally a drop waist dress or a pretty blouse and skirt.  Fortunately I've found this little top:

 Of course the 20s girl also enjoyed a night or two at a speakeasy or cocktail bar, where she would dance the Charleston as seen here:

There's also fashion for this too:

  So why not try out the fashion for this era and get yourself some true glamour!

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