Friday, 8 June 2012

The Horrockses Dress

I am not one of those vintage lovers who buys dresses simply for a collection, I like to wear my vintage and mix my brands. That was until I found a Horrockses dress.

*cue the sighs of whimsical Horrockses devotees*

It is in that one moment, when you see a dress for the first time, that you know if will fit you, and if it doesn't, well, you're not going to let a tiny little thing like that stop you?

Are you?

So, after much deliberation, advice from a Horrockses expert (namely Liz) I decided to purchase my very first Horrockses dress. It was seen, tried on (twice) and bought at What the Butler Wore in Waterloo for a considerable amount, but I'm trying not to think about that!

Most Horrockses dresses range from £50-£500 (if you're fortunate enough to see one so cheap, snap it up!) and Horrockses fans will say that the more unusual a print, the more desirable.

Which may have you asking why I chose something so simple.

My answer being, I haven't seen another polka dot dress like this one.

Not that I begrudge a Horrockses dress at all, I'm just more of a California Cottons fan (see post) but even I have to admit that this label is stylish, elegant and truly artistic in very sense. Being able to try on a Horrockses was a new thing for me, I haven't a clue about their style of fitting for vintage but I loved the dress straightaway.

 Here's a picture of my new purchase:

The First of Many!!!

I often make a visit to What the Butler Wore, it's one of those shops I keep going back to, usually to increase my vintage collection, but sometimes just for a whimsical browse. Bridget always has something new, whether it's a new 70s blouse by a high street retailer or even something really incredible like a Horrockses, you're nearly always guaranteed to find something.

 Strangely, this dress cost the same as a dress I nearly bought back in 2011, which was an early Marks and Spencers dress in lilac with white stripes, however funds meant that I couldn't afford it and when I eventually returned to the shop to purchase, it had been sold. Fortunately, my friend took a picture of me wearing it outside the shop, so I can look out for it!

If anybody knows who has this dress now, please contact me!

Still, now I have a Horrockses and a 1950s Marks and Spencer dress, purchased from The Vintage Emporium and Tea Shop in Brick Lane. I spent ages thinking about that one, too, even though it is a lovely dress and a very pushy friend persuaded me to buy it. Marks and Spencers seemed to have a trend for striped dresses, as my other dress from The Vintage Emporium is blue with thick white stripes!

Still, from what I know about Horrockses this is probably from the later part of the 1950s, as the waist is slightly dropped, but it still has the most amazing fit with a big ruffle! I have a pair of tangerine wedge heels which look perfect with it, add a bag and it's a gorgeous vintage ensemble!!!

I have looked at Horrockses before, but they haven't really appealed to me in the way that other brands have. I saw a navy spotted one at the Vintage Festival in 2011 with a really unusual collar, but it didn't catch my eye quite in the way that my California Cottons dress did when I saw it on the first stall!!! However it seems that I have now found another brand to look out for, one which I know suits me and like all other vintage finds, is totally unique!

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